As the use of renewable energy becomes increasingly more popular in the United States, Brian Wishneff & Associates is on the forefront of assisting projects obtain the various financial incentives that may be available by adding a renewable energy component to your project.

Currently, the federal government as well as numerous state governments are considering additional financial incentives to encourage the integration of renewable energy into real estate development projects. These incentives may include tax credits, rebate programs, grants, and other types of financial benefits.  BW&A is currently helping clients that like a green component to their project, doing so in a way that is both environmentally and financially beneficial. Should you wish to investigate the use of renewable energy in your real estate project and want find out more about potential financial incentives that may be available, please contact us today.

Combining the use of renewable energy and energy conservation components in historic renovation or other real estate projects can help project sponsors truly achieve a triple bottom line.  This integration of economic, social and environmental considerations can truly allow projects to create a benefit above and beyond the common monetary considerations.

Furthermore, our affiliate, Sustainable Concepts, LLC, offers a variety of green building guidance to clients including LEED consulting, NAHB Green Home review, Energy Star Certification, and much more.  To find out more about them and the services they offer, please visit the Sustainable Concepts website.