Brian Wishneff & Associates provides a turnkey solution to the tax credit process that is tailored specifically to your project.  Each situation is unique, and that is what makes having a tax credit solutions team like Brian Wishneff & Associates so valuable.  Some of our tax credit services include:

  • Managing the entire tax credit process through to payment by various tax credit investors for the developer.
  • Evaluating the circumstances of the project and determine the best possible legal structure to fit your situation. We will advocate on behalf of the developer to ensure that the transaction is structured in a way most favorable to you.

    Merced Theatre - Merced, CA
    Merced Theatre – Merced, CA – BW&A consulted on the use of HTC & NMTC for this $20M project
  • Drafting all necessary tax credit documents for your review and approval to properly structure the transaction to take advantage of tax credits. Such efforts can help preserve the developer’s preferred structure and help maximize qualified expenses.
  • Making modifications to any existing consulting agreements to ensure that they are structured in a way for you to receive as much tax credit money for your project as possible.
  • Working to leverage all sources of funds available to help get your project to completion.
  • Collecting and preparing informational packets about your project for potential tax credit investors. This information will be critical in attracting tax credit investors to your project.
  • Identifying and recruiting potential tax credit investors for your project. This task can be especially challenging for new market tax credits because these credits are allocated on a competitive basis. Unlike other tax credit syndicators, BW&A is not committed to a particular investor and does not limit its services to simply syndication. We are committed to finding the investor that will provide the most equity to your project. We will solicit offers from numerous investors to ensure we are providing you the best price for your credits.
  • Negotiating the best terms and conditions with a chosen tax credit investor to meet your project needs.
  • Identifying other public-sector tax related benefits and presenting those opportunities to you. Should you elect to pursue any of these opportunities, we shall assist in securing these incentives for your project.
  • Creating, collecting, and packaging information needed in advance of a tax credit closing in a timely and professional manner so as to win tax credit investors approval.
  • Managing the closing with the tax credit investor.
  • Attending all necessary consultant and/or construction meetings to ensure that your project is proceeding as to best utilize the tax credits.
  • Assisting with selection of and work with an accounting firm to complete the cost certification required by the tax credit investor.
Central Union Mission - Washington, DC - BW&A consulted on the use of HTC & NMTC for this $15M project
Central Union Mission – Washington, DC – BW&A consulted on the use of HTC & NMTC for this $15M project

In addition to the services provided above for all tax credit projects, for federal and state historic tax credit projects specifically, we will also:

  • Work with the owner and other related consultants to meet the substantial rehabilitation test for using historic tax credits.
  • Assist in obtaining approvals of your Part I, II, and III applications with the applicable State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service. This application can require significant work and negotiation with applicable governmental entities.
  • Help to ensure that you have the highest possible Qualified Rehabilitation Expense (“QRE”) so that you will receive the most possible tax credits for your project.
  • Work with your general contractor to ensure the highest possible QRE. The way in which a contractor proceeds with their work can have a significant impact on the QRE.