Brian Wishneff & Associates invests in federal and state tax credits generated by real estate projects on behalf of 3rd-party investors across the country.  These investors will in turn pay equity into these projects in exchange for the tax credits.  This process is called “syndication” or “syndicating” a tax credit.  Investors can be individuals or corporations.

We are involved in projects generating federal tax credits including historic tax credits, new markets tax credits, renewable energy tax credits, and low-income housing tax credits. We also are involved in State tax credit projects in almost every State in which they are offered (e.g., state historic, state new markets, green waste disposal, media filming, etc.)

After an initial consultation with a potential investor to determine the investors appetite for credits, expected pricing, typical deal terms, and project preference, BW&A will then identify, assess, and present tax credit investment opportunities that fit within an investor’s parameters.

BW&A services related to tax credit investments include

  • Deal Origination and Feasibility Analysis
  • Transaction Structuring in concert with third party legal counsel
  • Due Diligence Collection and Underwriting
  • Management of Closing and Funding
  • Ongoing Asset Management throughout the life of the investment and delivery of necessary reporting requirements

In addition to an attractive return on investment, tax credits also provide

  • If desired, the opportunity to receive recognition for helping to make high profile redevelopment projects a reality
  • An opportunity to support the public policy behind these programs such as historic preservation and job creation in low-income communities
  • Potential CRA credit for banking institutions

If you or your company has a tax obligation that needs offsetting through the use of tax credits, please contact us to discuss whether we may have a project that meets your needs. Given the number of projects that we are working and their diverse types, sizes, and locations, we believe that we can identify an appropriate investment opportunity that matches your criteria. We have an extensive history of working with many different types of tax credit investors and therefore, can structure a transaction so that it achieves the goals of both the investor and the project sponsor. If you represent a potential tax credit investor and have general questions about any state or federal tax credit programs, we would be happy to provide guidance on how each of these programs work.